We serve dishes from Thailand and around, and traditionally they are meant to be combined and shared. Try around 3 dishes per person. There are no starters or mains, we’ll l serve them when ready. Thai food is generally eaten with a fork and spoon, but if you like a knife or chop sticks (ta kiep), ask your waiter. Spicy dishes are marked with an S, vegetarian dishes with a V. Vegetarian dishes may contain some fish sauce. We use fresh ingredients, certified fish and biological chicken and beef. Any allergies? Ask for our allergy menu. Like to eat at home on your coach? Try our take-away by using the 'BEZORGEN' or 'AFHALEN' buttons. We cook to make you happy, if there’s a problem or something isn’t right, let us know so we can fix it!


We prefer to serve our food right from the kitchen to your table, but we understand that you also like to take it home sometimes. Before dinner, please take the food out of the boxes and serve it on a plate or in a bowl, this will improve the flavours.
We try our best to have your order ready as quick as possible, but when it’s busy, it might take some time.